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GSYC/LibreSoft - Rey Juan Carlos University Spanish

M-Learning & Tourism Freedom

LibreSoft Gymkhana - LibreGeoSocial is an open source educational and geolocated game related to M-Learning & Tourism applications. It is based on the LibreGeoSocial mobile social network application, which includes a mobile augmented reality interface. You can organize and manage a mobile gymkana using Android smartphones (new generation gymkhanas) without great effort.

Playing an Android gymkhana

  • Download and install the Android application on your smartphone.
  • Select a gymkana.
  • Go to specific locations.
  • Solve challenges.
  • Earn points.

Possible Applications

  • Mobile Learning oriented to students.
  • Tourism - knowing the main points of interest in a city.
  • To meet a set o buildings (like a campus of an university) promoting self-sufficiency.
  • Building team spirit within a company.
  • Farewell party.
  • A spare time activity (a game, a hobby).
  • Any other event that you think of.


  • Creating your own gymkhana oriented to your needs.
  • Monitoring and managing actions during the game via web.
  • Using leading technologies.
  • Improving traditional-conventional gymkhanas.
  • Geolocation game combined with social network.
  • Using Google Maps.
  • Immediate and no-cost communication with manager-organizer.

Learn More

  • How it works.
  • User guides.
  • Demo videos.
  • Click here for more information.


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